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Nature does wonders. Who would have known that a boy born in Long Beach California in the 1970s would conquer the world of Hip Hop? Son to Vernell Varnado and Beverly Tate, the dark brown-eyed boy was named Snoopy at the very beginning of his childhood. He was named that because of his inclination towards a cartoon character from Peanuts.


Being named Calvin Cordozar Broadus Junior, the boy had this talent and inclination toward musical instruments right from the start. He started playing piano at the Golgotha Trinity Baptist Church where he got as much appreciation as was needed to fuel him to do more. As a child, Calvin used to sell newspapers and candies to make ends meet. His biological father left his mother after some months Calvin was born. He was named after his step-dad. At the age of 11, Calvin started rapping. He would always gather an audience whenever he used to rap. Getting into gangs got him into trouble and he had to go to jail for possession of cocaine.


Publishing his very first album in the jail with his cousin and friend, Calvin named it 213, after the area code he used to live in. After his first album, Calvin never looked back. In the early 1990s, Calvin reached the height of fame and music, when he started recording and took the stage name ‘ Snoop Doggy Dog’ he always wore stylish tracksuits in this snoop dogg doggy style jacket .



His second album, named The Doggfather, was released in 1996, also got a hit. In 2002, his other album, Paid the cost to be the boss got released and broke all records, after which there was an unending series of albums and successes came in. Owning this amazing Doggstyle Records, his own company, the guy also managed his production company, named Snoopadelic Films, and did great! ‘I want to love you’ by Snoop Dogg is still one of the craziest songs of the time and famous. His net worth is 170 million dollars. He has released more than 23 hit albums and received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Besides being a famous rapper, Snoop also tried in the field of producing and became one of the most renowned music producers, songwriters, actors, and an entrepreneur. Snoop was into football from his school era and became a coach to a football team at some high schools as well as a youth football team. Initially, a Muslim, Snoop was reported to have converted to the Rastafari religion back in 2009, after which published his other album named ReIncarnated. Snoop’s love life was rather complicated. Marrying his school love in 1997, they couldn’t get along and got dovorced in 2004. He then got remarried in 2008, having three kids. Buy snoop dogg tracksuit here. For the children of Southern California, who loved football, he founded an organisation named Snoop Youth Football League and promoted football in the area.

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